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Complex social issues need good-quality evidence. Decision-makers need to know what works.

Our purpose is to increase the use of evidence by people across the social sector so that they make better decisions – about funding, policies or services – to improve the lives of New Zealand's communities, families and whānau.

Just launched - The Families Commissioner Blog

13 Jun 2016

Len Cook, the Families Commissioner, uses this blog to share his views on the nature of families and the important role they play in society. Here, Len will highlight trends that need to be considered in the development and delivery of social policy and programmes.

View the blog here: https://nzfamiliescommissioner.com/...

Setting the standards

14 Jun 2016

Standards of evidence are tools that help give decision-makers confidence that a programme or policy has a particular outcome. They show people how to gather better evidence, increase accountability...

A comprehensive approach is needed to address intimate partner violence

14 Jun 2016

An issues paper on risk and protective factors for intimate partner violence (IPV) has just been published by the New Zealand Family Violence Clearinghouse. ‘Understanding research on risk and...

Celebrating Matariki

14 Jun 2016

Superu is proud to be celebrating Matariki. Donovan Clarke, our Chief Advisor Maori says that this constellation of stars can be seen all around the world and is also known as Pleiades.

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