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Superu is a government agency that focuses on what works to improve the lives of families, children and whānau. They are at the centre of what we do.

We work closely with decision-makers in the social sector – the people who develop, fund, deliver, research and evaluate social policies and programmes – so that they can have the good-quality evidence needed to help solve complex social issues.

We close forever on 29 June - here's where you'll find our work

23 May 2018

We are closing down on Friday 29 June 2018. This decision was made by Cabinet last year and has been formalised by the Families Commission Act Repeal Bill. Many of our existing work programmes have gone to other government agencies. Find out where they've gone and who to contact.

Growing Up in New Zealand: Transition to school

15 Jun 2018

Read the latest report from this important longitudinal study. Get unique insights into how children in the study are transitioning to primary school, an important milestone for every child.

Evidence at a glance

21 Nov 2017

Our ‘At a Glance’ series uses infographics to illustrate research findings or key information about a priority topic. These publications are a quick, easy introduction to an issue.

What works

21 Nov 2017

Our 'What works' series draws on international and local research to identify what works - or doesn't work - to address an issue. And now, all these reports are available in one place.

Last update: 15 Jun 2018