Social sector research directions

Superu has a legislative mandate to ‘identify evidence and research that will assist in determining or achieving the Government’s policies and priorities in the social sector’. With this in mind, we have developed a set of research directions for the social sector¹.

Ensuring that decision-makers in the social sector have the knowledge and information they need means that they can make the best decisions about which programmes to fund. The client for this project is the Social Sector Board which consists of the chief executives of government social sector agencies.

As well as identifying the evidence that the sector needs now, we also aim to identify longer term research needs which will allow the sector to be agile and responsive to change.

This document can be used to influence the funding and direction of research so that knowledge is generated based on what evidence the sector needs in order to be effective. Practical examples of this could include using the social sector research directions to inform and influence:

  • social science funding decisions of other government agencies
  • relevant data analysis, for example analysis of integrated data infrastructure
  • relevant work within the academic community
  • Superu’s own research, for example based on data from the Growing up in New Zealand longitudinal study
  • cross-sector research and evaluation within agencies.

Download a copy of the social sector research directions (PDF, 436 kB) .


¹ We define ‘social sector’ for this project to be ‘social sector agencies within central government’, and ‘research’ as including ‘all forms of research, evaluation and analysis’. 


Date published: 
Last update: 5 Mar 2018