Wed 1 Aug, 2007

It's About Time

Towards a parental leave policy that gives New Zealand families real choice

All of society benefits when children get the best possible start in life.

This Families Commission report recommends how New Zealand can improve parental leave provisions to give parents real choices in balancing employment and family responsibilities – by extending parental leave and providing better support to benefit families, children, employers, and workplaces. Six cost-analysed aspects of parental leave and support are covered in the report:

  • funding
  • duration
  • structure
  • level of payments
  • employment requirements
  • flexibility.

 The Commission's recommendations would bring New Zealand’s provisions closer to those in other developed countries.

The development of this paper was managed by Marny Dickson, working with Helen Moore, Karen Wong and Susie Johnston. The work was guided by Chief Commissioner Rajen Prasad, Commissioners Sharron Cole, Sandra Alofivae, Lyn Campbell, Mason Durie and David Smyth, as well as Michael Fletcher, Amanda Heath and Jo Cribb at the Families Commission.