So, what does Superu have planned for 2017-18?

28 August 2017

We have finalised our 2017-18 Statement of Performance Expectations (SPE) and we’d like to share our upcoming year with you.

You’ll find a copy of our SPE here. As you’ll see, it will be a year quite unlike any we’ve had in the past but we are up to the challenge of continuing to bring you knowledge, research and information about the social sector as we have a lot to share.

This is an important time for the social sector in Aotearoa New Zealand. To be successful New Zealand needs:

  1. On-the-ground knowledge. To improve social outcomes, we need policies, programmes and services that work for all. This will not be achieved unless our policies and other decision-making processes are informed by a broad range of perspectives and evidence.

  2. Interventions, services and providers that support families and whānau to achieve improved outcomes. There needs to be a focus on what actually works to support this change.

  3. Government to work with and understand the community perspective and the service providers that government is reliant on to achieve social investment outcomes. Both parties need the ability to successfully commission, and be commissioned, for outcomes.

Providing effective social services is difficult, not only because of the very different causes that place people in similar need, but also because we cannot be sure that policies will have the same effect for all who rely on them. New Zealand’s history of evaluation is patchy, yet the learning from evaluation and continuous improvement can bring benefits to citizens in terms of assessing the quality of services.

We look forward to dealing with you over the coming financial year.

Last update: 13 Sep 2017