Problem debt is one symptom of financial hardship and is a significant barrier to families enjoying a meaningful, rewarding life. Families need to take action early before their debt spirals o
Mon 8 Oct, 2012
Submission to the Social Services Select Committee
The Child Support Amendment Bill amends the formula for the financial support of children whose parents have separated so that it is based on the combined income of both parents, the age of the children and a more equitable shared care threshold.
Sat 30 Jun, 2012
This submission supports most of the provisions of the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Draft Amendment Bill, but asks that it go further in its protections of vulnerable families.
Fri 25 May, 2012
Tūhoe and South Auckland whānau
In order to better understand whānau resilience and strength in the face of financial hardship and adversity, the Families Commission carried out five case studies with 40 families and whānau in ve
Fri 17 Feb, 2012
Supporting families and whānau in financial hardship
This Families Commission research aims to better understand ways to support families and whānau in financial hardship, and to identify practical strategies for working with these families and whāna
Thu 16 Feb, 2012
Parents' views on out-of-school services and care
This Families Commission report responds to the Minister of Social Development’s request (letter of expectation, March 2010) that the Families Commission undertake research on what parents are looking for in out-of-school services (OSS). The Minister expressed a particular interest in understanding how parents in different income groups see trade offs between cost, quality, and location, and the report examines these issues.
Mon 23 May, 2011
Recessions and Māori resilience
Families Commission report, Whānau Taketake Māori: Recessions and Māori resilience, promotes an understanding of the impact that recessions have on Māori that can only be understood in the full con
Wed 15 Sep, 2010
Barriers to acquiring affordable and nutritious food in new zealand households
The Family Food Environment Survey (FFES) is a cross-sectional survey of 136 New Zealand families living in Dunedin and Wellington with one or more children aged between five and 18 years.
Fri 4 Jun, 2010
In 2008, Colmar Brunton was commissioned by the Families Commission to undertake research that looks at the experiences of separated parents and their financial and care arrangements for their children.
Fri 28 Aug, 2009
Parents' long working hours and impact on family life
This Families Commission study focuses on the experiences of a range of New Zealand families selected from industries that are most affected by long working hours.
Fri 1 May, 2009