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The latest report from the Growing Up in New Zealand (GUiNZ) longitudinal study was released at a seminar in Wellington on 14 June 2018. 

Event date 14 June 2018

Registrations have closed for this seminar. You can catch up on what was discussed by heading to Twitter and searching for #superuseminar


Event date 8 May 2018

Our final Evidence to Action conference took place on 10 April 2018. Our thanks to everyone who attended. It was great hearing what you had to say.

Below are videos of the speakers and their presentations. And a summary of speakers' remarks are on Twitter under hashtag #e2a2018.

Please note that the videos will open in Dropbox. 

Families and whanau past, present and future

Event date 10 April 2018

This seminar, held on 25 August 2017, discussed the findings of Superu's research on What Works for children exposed to family violence?. The research looks at what providers are doing, and what they and policy makers might do differently in response to what we have learned.

We've published the speakers' presentations and video footage of their talks below:

Event date 25 August 2017

On 27 June 2017 we held a seminar to launch the latest Families and Whānau Status Report, the fifth in a series measuring and monitoring the wellbeing of New Zealand families and whānau. 

At the seminar we presented key themes from the report and you will find the presentations here:

Event date 27 June 2017

Missed our annual Evidence to Action conference on Monday 19 June 2017? You'll find more information here.  

Event date 19 June 2017

Superu and Growing Up in New Zealand (GUiNZ) released the latest report from the GUiNZ longitudinal study in May 2017. The report focuses on the children from the study at age 4. The report was launched at a seminar in Wellington on 29 May 2017. You can view a video of the seminar on YouTube.

This GUiNZ report was produced by the University of Auckland with Crown funding managed by Superu.

Event date 29 May 2017

View the presentations from our inaugural Te Ritorito forum. This hui aimed to illustrate what the bigger picture of whānau, hapū and iwi wellbeing looks like and what the future implications are for Māori and Government.

Event date
3 April 2017 to 4 April 2017

Where: Matiu room, Wharewaka Function Centre, Taranaki Wharf, Odlins Square, Wellington Waterfront

Organiser: Superu



Event date 31 March 2017
Last update: 24 Apr 2019