Elder abuse and neglect

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1 Jan 2008
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This Families Commission report on elder abuse and neglect examines what makes older people vulnerable to abuse and neglect, and what reduces their risk. This is the first study to gather the views of a wide range of different organisations, individuals and experts on how and why elder abuse and neglect occurs and what can be done to prevent it.

In many cases, the abuse is carried out by someone the older person has loved and trusted, and cared for all their lives. As with other family violence the behaviour includes psychological, physical, sexual and emotional abuse as well as financial betrayal. Strong themes that emerged were valuing and respecting older people, developing strong and healthy families and preparing for positive ageing.

This report was prepared for the Families Commission by Kathryn Peri, Dr Janet Fanslow, Dr Jennifer Hand, John Parsons, School of Nursing, University of Auckland, Auckland Uniservices Limited

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