What works for children exposed to family violence?

Date published
13 Jun 2017
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What Works

This 'What works for children exposed to family violence?' brings together evidence about the best interventions which make a positive difference to these children’s lives.

The main highlight of this paper is that the harm caused by family violence exposure is just as harmful as the harm caused by direct abuse. ‘Exposure’ to family violence is damaging no matter whether the child sees, hears, is directly involved, or experiences the aftermath of violence in their family.

This research aims to be useful for those people who develop policy or run support services for these children to keep themselves safe. Superu’s ‘What Works’ synthesis products answer complex questions on specific social issues and add to the evidence-base.

We have released a short (less than 4 minute) video presentation for policymakers, which summarises the publication's key points and Superu hosted a seminar to discuss the findings of this research on 25 August in Wellington. Click here to read more about the seminar, download the presentations and watch video footage of the event.

For more information read our media release.

Last update: 29 Aug 2017