What Works: Effective parenting programmes

What Works: Effective parenting programmes cover
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30 Mar 2015
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What Works

 Many parenting programmes are effective and support family wellbeing by improving parenting practices and thereby reducing the risks associated with child maltreatment.

The review found:

  • There are many effective parenting programmes and these share common characteristics.
  • Evidence on the effectiveness of parenting programmes in New Zealand, including what works with Maori and Pasifika parents, is limited.
  • Some programmes have shown effectiveness for parents of vulnerable children, although few directly measure impacts on child maltreatment.
  • A range of parenting programmes based on rigorous selection, implementation and evaluation practices is needed.

This What Works synthesis is based on the report Effective Parenting Programmes: A review of the effectiveness of parenting programmes for parents of vulnerable children.

Superu's What Works series synthesises what we do and don't know about a specific social sector topic. We draw on international and New Zealand research to identify what does and doesn't work to address the topic at hand. Our aim is to inform decisions and investment in the social sector.

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