What Works: Going digital to deliver wellbeing services to young people? Insights from e-tools supporting youth mental health and parenting

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Date published
30 Jun 2016
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What Works

From online programmes to serious games, video teleconferencing and text counselling, digital platforms lend themselves to providing preventive and self-managed care options. Commonly cited benefits include consumer empowerment, scalability, possible efficiency gains, reduced burden and social cost, standardisation of programmes and access to usage data.

But how confident are we that such initiatives actually work?

The publication draws out high-level findings on the most established types of digital tools for delivering wellbeing support, then digs deeper to learn about good practices from particular cases.

It looks at:

  • intended users
  • questions of safety and support
  • design forms and processes
  • challenges in implementation, uptake, and quality assurance.

We conclude there is a lot of potential for going digital in delivering services, if done the right way.

View the What Works: Going Digital seminar video and download the slides here: http://www.superu.govt.nz/seminar_going_digital

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