Getting your organisation ready to do evaluations

This user-friendly step-by-step guide will help organisations become more evaluation focussed in a structured and systematic way. This tool has been trialled with a number of service providers and takes into consideration both Māori and Pacific perspectives.  Here's what some of those who tested the toolkit had to say about it:

"It's for everyone who sees the need to catch up on evaluation. This is easy. I understand. I can see the relevance of the questions."

"We made the tool fit our needs. It is flexible enough to enable this."

"The question prompts are excellent. We used them. We spent more time on discussion than we expected. It was a good, healthy exploration of our strengths and areas to strengthen."

The richness of this tool comes from the meaningful discussions you and your teams will have. These discussions can then be captured in the templates, online or on paper, using simple key words or brief explanations. Cell sizes in the various tables have been kept relatively small on purpose. However, the templates for Parts 3 and 4 of the tool are available both in A4 and A3 formats.


   Part 1 Instructions provides context on preparing to do evaluation, and gives an overview of the process.                                                                                                                                                                                                           
  Part 2 Assessment guide and templates helps organisations check how prepared they are to do evaluations.

Part 3 Planning guide and templates shows how to develop a plan to become ready to do evaluations.

You can download this part in an A4 format or an A3 format.




Part 4 Implementation guide and templates provides guidance on how to put the plan into practice and check that goals are being achieved.

You can download this part in an A4 format or an A3 format.


We have also published supporting documents that explain how the tool came about:

Capacity Tool The Path We Took

The evaluation capacity building project: The path we took

This explains the overall process This explains the overall process - how the tools were co-created with three culturally diverse NGOs.  

         Capacity Tool Literature Scan

Successful NGO evaluation cultures  Literature scan (PDF, 718 kB)

A review of current international and New Zealand literature on what enables NGOs to successfully  build their evaluation capacity.


         Capacity Tools reportFull technical report (PDF, 1.6 mB)

This technical report describes the origins of our work on Evaluation Capacity Building.





Last update: 19 Oct 2018